Testimonials for Lecture Notes at HistorySage.com
Dear Mr. Mercado,

Hello, I am a high school junior attending Lahser High School in Michigan. I am also an avid history reader and AP United States History student. At the beginning of the year, I did an online search to find the best websites that offer history help, should I miss a class or not quite grasp a subject. Your site became one of the top 5 sites I most frequented over the course of the year and my grades reflected this immense aid offered your lecture notes, and I scored well within the A range on everyone of my exams thus far. The text we use is the Bailey's 10th Edition American Pageant. I took notes on the text, but sometimes, the concept was a little vague. Your lecture notes on your site were an great help because I was able to see the main points in "plain English" so the text and all its excrutiating details became more understandable and held a lot more meaning.Your lecture notes are by far the best I have ever seen, much better than any notes I could ever take, but they're helping me to narrow down on key points and facts.

Johanna Dolch
Lahser High School, Michigan
Some wise person sent me the web address for Steven's lecture notes and I have been forever grateful to that friend and to Steven.  It has been, by far, the best money I have ever spent on my APUS curriculum.  I purchased the notes for US History and have used them ever since.  I use them to augment my student's understanding of the text, to refresh my memory of the topic I am covering, and to add in those little details that are sometimes missed in many APUS textbooks.  The notes are thorough, clear, and follow the APUS course description beautifully.  I am thrilled that I have a resource of this caliber at my fingertips! 

Krista Dornbush
APUS and AP Euro teacher
Laguna Beach, CA
My name is Darren Thomas and I'm now beginning my seventeenth year of teaching and my seventh year of instruction in APUSH.  I have developed a strong program at Chaparral High, and it is in no small part due to your lecture notes, resources, and professional insight.  Your lecture notes are the very foundation of my APUSH instruction.  These lecture notes and the resources available at your web site are absolutely indispensable to first year APUSH teachers, as well as to veteran teachers. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything.

Darren Thomas
Chaparral High School
Temecula, CA
Mr. Mercado,

I just wanted to tell you how much I have benefited from the AP U.S. History notes you posted on your website. I had to take the SAT II in Oct., and I was initially VERY unprepared for it. One day, though, I had the good fortune of stumbling across your website. I then studied all of your notes for a month, and I was able to get a 790 on my SAT II US History Test! I can honestly say that my good score came only as a result of encountering your notes.  So again, thank you so much for allowing students all over the world to view your notes. I know that you're in California and I'm in Colorado, but in a way I feel like I'm a student
of yours.

Thank you again, and keep up the good work!

Julia Haag
Florence, CO
Dear Mr. Mercado,

I can't thank you enough for the AP US Histoy notes that are on your Web
site. They are so helpful. They pinpoint the main ideas you need to know without a bunch of unnecessary details, and they are awesome for helping me review for tests in my AP US History class. Although I just found out about it recently, they have helped and I only wish I knew about your notes sooner. Thanks again!

Sonia Saini
Laguna Creek High School
Elk Grove, CA
Searching through several teacher websites for ideas on constructing my first ever web site for AP History, I stumbled across your (prize-winning? - if not, it should be!) wonderful site and have used it to add to my own lectures. I am sure that you will be amazed at how many students and instructors use your site as their benchmark for this course, including all my students who receive rave reviews from me about you!  Thanks again for the very helpful site.

Karen Wilson
AFNorth International
Mr. Mercado:

I am a social studies teacher at AB Miller High School, Fontana, CA, and I just wish to thank you for your site.  I became an AP teacher last year and your site greatly enhanced not only my lectures, but those students who studied for the AP exam, and passed it, were thankful for the information.  I was also stunned by some of the material covered in your notes.  Specifically, the information related to non-European contact w/the Americas prior to Columbus.  For the longest time I felt I was the only social studies teacher who even discussed the possibility(s).  It definitely makes for lively classroom discussion...colleagues simply dismiss it as political correctness.
Anyway, again thanks for the great website and I hope you have further success in the future. 


Frank Thomas Sullivan
AB Miller High School
Fontana, CA
Mr. Mercado,
    I would just like to say thank you so much. Your website of U.S. History lecture notes has helped me immensely this year. I will be taking the AP exam tomorrow morning. Thanks to your notes, I feel prepared; I do not know what I would have done without them though.

Carla Duran
Greensboro, North Carolina
Mr. Mercado:
  The notes are outstanding and on behalf of all first time AP US History teachers everywhere, thank you!

Joe Colacioppo
Smoky Hill High School
Aurora, Colorado
Dear Mr. Mercado,

           Words can not express the sublime gratitude I hold for you.  Currently, I am taking AP US History as a sophomore (1 of 9 allowed) in Toms River, New Jersey.  Although a junior-specific class, some sophomores were allowed nonetheless.  But I digress, your website has proven invaluable to my progression in this course.  Your compilation of websites and reference material is nothing short of extraordinary.  The efforts you have taken should not be without praise.

Ali Safaie-Farahani
Toms River, NJ
Dear Mr. Mercado,

Your lecture notes are simply the best I have ever come across.  I am so very impressed by the effort and time you have put into them.  As a first year AP history teacher, I could not believe the luck I had in encountering them.  I would gladly be willing to pay for continued access to use them as a resource. 

Thank you so much,
John Slaton
Bryan, TX

I teach APUSH and I am a huge fan (and cheerleader) of your website and your lecture notes.  My students have found them to be invaluable for getting the meat of US History.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your website - you are an asset to the profession and I we are indebted to you for it!


Mark Manning
Morristown High School
Morristown NJ
I have been teaching for eight years at Foothill High School in Santa Ana,
and I just wanted to tell you that I have extremely enjoyed your site.  My Gosh, it has everything that AP US History takers need.

Ty Watkins
Foothill High School, CA
Just a note of thanks for your wonderful website!  I'm teaching AP US
History for the first time and upon Joel Trammel's recommendation, I took a look at your notes.  I know this will help me keep my kids on the right

Have a great year.  And thanks, again.

Joanne Funk
Hi Steve -- I have taught history for a long time, and A.P. for about
5 years, and I am STILL finding it to be a constant challenge.  Your
notes are impressive and extremely helpful. 

Laurie McCurdy
Borah High School
Boise, Idaho
Hi, Steven,

I'm teaching APUSH for the first time this year. I took the AP summer institute class last July, and one of my fellow students introduced us to your website.  I'm so totally impressed with your fine accomplishment!  Especially useful to me have been your fall calendar and your lecture notes.  They are excellent!  I appreciate your effort so much!

Cindy Hartley
Rancho Bernardo High School
Poway, CA
Dear Mr. Steve Mercado,

I know you don't know me but as an AP US History student last year, let's just say that you saved many of out behinds in our high school, Northside College Prep. Because of your well detailed notes, we have successfully gotten through AP with flying colors (personally I got a 4). Your notes are being used also for AP Government, which I took up this year. They have drilled us and helped us in time of need especially tests and classroom projects. In behalf of my classmates, collegues and I, Thank You.

Sean Conejos
Northside College Prep
Hi Mr. Mercado

I am a junior in Fort Hamilton High School in NYC. I just wanted to say thank you for these notes. They are great for studying for tests, especially in AP US History.

Thanks a lot,

Mike Rakiter
Fort Hamilton High School
New York, New York
I'm an AP US History student from Marietta, Ga, and I just wanted to say
Thank You!  My teacher referred my class to your web page several weeks
ago, and it has been a huge help!
Your lecture notes are a wonderful addition to the notes I already took,
and help me study more thoroughly.
Thanks again!

Megan Hughes
Junior at Sprayberry High School

Wow! I'd just like to tell you how much we (when I say we, I mean the me and the rest of the students at Loveland High school taking AP History) love your notes. I don't know how I could survive history without coming to this site every time we start a new chapter. It's so helpful, and even when I forget to read the book, and we have a pop quiz, I usually get every question right, just because your notes are so informative. I'd have to tell you that your students are very lucky to have a teacher like you, because you make this class much easier.

Kasi Foster
Loveland High School
Mr. Mercado,
These are the best US History notes on the web - my students find them very useful and I want to thank you for doing a very thorough job.  How long did it take you to compile them?  Your web site is very impressive.

Franklin D. Rothwell
History and Social Sciences Department Chair
Framingham High School
Dear Mr. Mercado-
My name is Gabriel and I attend St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower,
California. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your
contribution to the students of AP US History classes. Your time and effort
has helped me and other people from my class receive better grades on our weekly unit tests. Once again I thank you, this site has been extremely helpful and will continue to help me throughout the year.

St. John Bosco High School
Bellflower, CA
Dear Mr. Mercado,

I want to commend you on the fantastic web site that you have created for
your students. I am sure you know that resourceful AP students around
America are accessing it and benefiting from it. My students here in
Olympia, Washington found it and introduced it to me.
Keep up the great work!

Mike Schaefer
AP US History Teacher
Olympia High School

Dear Mr. Mercado,

Thank you so much for the lecture notes that you have available on your
site. I am a student at Poway High School in San Diego and your notes
are very useful  and are a huge help to me.

Thank you very much,

Claire Thomas
Poway High School
San Diego, CA
Dear Mr. Mercado,

I guess I'm not the only person who has enjoyed using your fantastic
lecture notes this year! As a first-year AP U.S. teacher (and fellow
Southern Californian), I have found your notes invaluable in their
clarity and comprehensiveness.


Sarah Cooper
8th and 11th U.S. History
Flintridge Preparatory School
La Canada Flintridge, CA
Dear Steve Mercado,

Hello, I'm Loly Ramos Mejia, I live in Argentina and I am taking AP US history at my school. I love your site, it's really useful and a great complement to my Bailey textbook.

Thank you very much, and congratulations once again for your site

Loly Ramos Mejia
Dear Mr. Mercado,
      My name is Kathleen Kiernan. I am an AP US History student from Washington D.C. My whole class loves your lecture notes. They are great to use as supplements to our readings and really help me to study.


Kathleen Kiernan
Washington, D.C.
Dear Mr. Mercado,

I am a history teacher in the Buffalo, NY  area and I am teaching AP U.S. History for the first time this year.  I came upon your lecture notes while I was surfing the web this past summer looking for sites that could help me prepare for the coming school year.  Your lecture notes have been a GREAT help to me this year and I wish to thank you for placing them online for use. 

Darren Nahs
Pioneer High School

Mr. Mercado,
First of all, your site is absolutely amazing!!!  There is not a better APUSH
site anywhere. Thank you!!!!
Second, I am in my third year of teaching APUSH.  I have been provided a
textbook (The American Pageant, Bailey & Kennedy) for the students, but I continually struggle at selecting the most important information the students need.  Last week, I printed off your lecture notes for the Progressive Era and checked your notes against mine and added and deleted.  This process was extremely helpful for me and I think my progressive era notes were cleaned up as
a result.

Sara Gubbels
American History teacher
Norris High School
Firth, NE
I'm a first-year APUS teacher and was lucky enough to find your web site.
It's excellent--I have no idea how you find the time to   keep it updated!
Your lecture notes have been a great help to me in planning my course &
class lectures.  They have helped me find things that our textbook omits or
doesn't cover as thoroughly so I can be sure to include that information in
my lecture or other assignments. They have helped me keep my sanity thus far!  Thank you.

Cathy Perkins
Mt. Eden High School
Hayward, CA

Dear Mr. Mercado,

My name is Ivonne Machado. I began teaching my first APUSH class this school year at an international school in the Republic of Panama. This is a new school and at the moment we only have two AP classes which are Biology and US History.

I have been trying to prepare my students the best way possible for the final exam in May. Your lecture notes have been of great help to me and I am trying my best to cover all the material that will help my students to do their best.

Dear Mr. Mercado,

You don't know me and I don't know you but I want to express my gratitude towards you and your website for AP US History.   The first month of history was terrifying.  Essay after essay I could not catch up and get used to my teacher's teaching style and expectations in our weekly double set of Bailey Chapter InClass Essays.  I was on the very verge of dropping the course to a regular level.  It took me a while to understand and get used to the AP History lifestyle. 

Then one day I stumbled across your site somehow  WOW your notes are spectacular. you somehow turn bailey reading into educational learning remembering the important facts and details reading.  So I just want to thank you for posting your notes for the world of APUSH students and allowing other students outside of your school to see them. 

Thank you,
Amy Lui
I am a student at Monterey High School and am currently taking AP US History.I stumbled upon your site while searching for material in which I couldstudy for my Ap exam.  I'd like to compliment the way you teach your class. I much prefer the way you have outlined the chapter for your students and gone beyond the call of duty by supplying the outlines over the internet. I am sure that many of your students will pass the exam.  I myself have to get back to studying, but I'd like to reiterate
by saying that you have done a wonderful job.

Joe Lisica
Monterey High School
Monterrey, CA